Szövegkiegészítési feladat 4. (középfok)

Egészítsd ki a szöveget a megfelelő szavakkal. Minden szót csak egyszer használhatsz.
Half hour before daybreak three of the boys assembled, as they agreed, the old bridge. The fourth, a boy by the of Tolly, had not up. His absence did not greatly surprise the others. They knew that his mother did not him to come on this expedition into the forest.
Charles, who was the oldest and their accepted leader, waded downstream to the place where boat was tied up in the shelter of some overhanging bushes he rowed the boat back to the shallow water near the bridge, where the boys loaded it with the provisions, blankets and other things they were taking on their journey.
Dawn was just as they climbed into their boat and pulled off the bank. A swift current carried them downstream, so there was no to row. They took it in turns to keep the boat in the centre of the river. Three hours later they entered the forest where they intended to spend the next few days.
"Let's go ashore now and some tea," suggested Charles. "No one will see us here."
It was to light fires in the forest, people rarely come this way.
While Charles tied the boat up, the other two boys set gathering wood for a fire. When they came back, with a large handful of sticks, they found Charles very worried.
"We haven't got matches," he announced gloomily. "Tolly was to bring them." This bad news. They were miles away now from the nearest shop.